What Kind of Interviews does AAMBC Offer?

What Kind of Interviews does AAMBC Offer?  

AAMBC Radio is back and in its fourth season with new host Anna Black. Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm CST to listen live at http://blogtalkradio.com/aambc. Authors looking to get interviewed email annabaambc@gmail.com for bookings.

  Print Interview:

This interview will be a written interview placed on our virtual tour blog. We will submit questions to you and ask them to be answered in full detail, edited, and ready for posting. This interview will also be mention in our newsletter. A print interview is only $25 and to inquire for a print interview email us at aambookclub@gmail.com

For more information email us at aambookclub@gmail.com
And feel free to send donations to aambookclub@yahoo.com



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3 responses to “What Kind of Interviews does AAMBC Offer?

  1. Hello, I am interested in having a review done and being book of the month. I previously contacted your group on FaceBook. The title of my novel is Broken Faith Restored. I think you guys offer a great service.

  2. I would like my book to be reviewed by your club, and also, take a advantage of some of your other services.

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