President Pro Tem by Kelvin L. Reed

A month after an election that will turn the country over to a new president, Carla Hamilton, fashion model turn politician-and the first African American woman to serve as vice president of the United States-receives startling news: The sitting president has died so she will occupy the Oval Office for only six weeks. She soon discovers in Washington, D.C. a great deal can happen in six weeks.


AAMBC Review 4 Stars ***

Carla Hamilton finds herself in an unexpected position.  Through a series of chances, she will be the president of the United States for the last six weeks of her boss’ term.  Carla knows that six weeks can be a very long time in Washington, so she prepares herself for whatever the job throws at her.  Immediately, she is tested with an international crisis as well as the demands of looking after her family.  As she struggles to find balance with her situation, she ponders the circumstances that have led her to the most powerful position in the free world.  If there is one thing that can be said about author Kelvin L. Reed is that he is much more successful at telling a black woman’s story than the much beloved Tyler Perry.  Carla is complex and three dimensional and must rely upon her wits and her most trusted friends when the going gets tough.  Overall, the political drama is also enough to keep you interested even though the secret of Carla’s past seems a bit ho-hum.  Then again, Reed does make the valid point that Washington just loves a scandal.  Despite a few grammatical errors, President Pro Tem is a satisfying read

TaKeshia Brooks
AAMBC Reviewer


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