Allure By Erica Kimberly

Coming May 2011 from A New Quality Publishing 

Allure: to exert a very powerful and often dangerous attraction on somebody Antonym: Dissuade Kamryn Mackey is a beautiful and vibrant 19 year old girl with a heart centered in the city of Los Angeles. She and her best friend, who is gay male, only source of income is through boosting from high end department stores. But Kamryn soon has a change of heart about her illegal profession and decides to call it quits, so she thought. During a relapse and a lot of persuasion from her crime partner, Kamryn runs into a mysterious and overwhelmingly handsome brother who catches her eye. When New York native Ricky Wade first visited Los Angeles at 17 years old, he only had ambition and a few hundred dollars. After a connecting with a heavy hitter in the LA drug world, Rick moves from The Big Apple to The City Of Angels and never looks back. Now at age 32, he has it all. With a focused hustle and a tiny circle of trustworthy partners, Rick has managed to evade law enforcement, while building a drug empire which stretched across the Southwest region. These days, Ricky Wade is looking to expand his business. But first, he finds a love interest in Kamryn and decides to focus on pleasure. Soon after meeting Rick, life Kamryn once knew changed right before her very eyes. She immediately recognizes the cons of his type of work, and proceeds with caution. From shopping sprees to exclusive vacations, Rick stops at nothing to win her over. Kamryn secretly adores his prolific lifestyle, one she could only dream of having. Within time, their whirlwind relationship takes off and Rick finds his place in Kamryn’s heart. After being introduced to his finer way of living, Kamryn unexpectedly drops her guard and falls head over heels for Rick. After introducing her to his world, Kamryn soon becomes Rick s rider and ultimately the couple s relationship soar to new heights. For Kamryn, things couldn t be better thanks to Rick. She begins to believe that together there is nowhere else to go but up… Until she finds herself in the terrifying center of a man’s intrigue. With Rick’s fate handed down to him, it’ll be Kamryn fighting for her own freedom… And a price will have to be paid for it. The question is… Who will pay it? And how much?



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