AAMBC Radio host Michelle Janine Robinson

May 2nd @ 7pm CST AT http://www.blogtalkradio.com/aambc

Michelle has been writing since she could hold a pen and speak words.  Writing and creating stories is the one thing she does each and every day of her life, without thinking about it. . . In her own words: “It’s almost as natural as breathing.” 
Michelle has contributed stories to several of New York Times Bestselling Author, Zane’s anthologies, including Caramel Flava, Succulent: Chocolate Flava II (with the flagship story The Quiet Room),  Purple Panties, and Honey Flava.  In addition to these antholoigies, Michelle “lent her pen” to the book Tasting Him, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and published by Cleis Press.  Michelle is also a frequent guest at Rachel’s reading series, In The Flesh, which has included such notables as HBO’s Jonathan Ames, Susie Bright and bestselling author, writer and producer of Zane’s Sex Chronicles (on Cinemax), Zane.
June 1, 2010 is the publication date for Michelle’s first full-length novel, Color Me Grey, a romance/drama with a unique twist.  And, coming in 2011, look for More Than Meets The Eye, an erotic/paranormal tale guaranteed to have its readers on the edge of their seats.  Also in 2011, is Serial Typical, a thriller, written in true Michelle Robinson, nail-biting style.
Michelle is a native New Yorker and the proud mother of twin, teenage boys.  If there is but one pearl of wisdom that Michelle would like to pass on to those she encounters it would be the same advice she has given her sons time and time again – “The greatest and best thing any of us can do with our lives is that one thing that brings us joy.  If you can greet the start of your day looking forward to WHATEVER it is that you do, you have conquered the answer to one of life’s most elusive questions.”
Most recently Michelle was nominated a National Black Book Festival Best New Author Award Finalist.  In April 2010 the video trailer for Color Me Grey was book trailer of the month on UrbanReviewsOnline.com.  Color Me Grey was also listed as one of the best reviewed books of 2010 on the Urban Reviews Online website.  Michelle also writes poetry and was Writer’s Point of View Magazine’s Annual Winter Writing Contest winner.

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