New Book Alleges Tyler Perry’s Success Has Ties To Drug Money

In his new memoir, Never Would Have Made It: The Rise of Tyler Perry, the Most Powerful Entertainer in Black America (And What It Really Took to Get Him There), Melvin Childs, a self-described former radio executive, claims Perry’s growth was significantly dependent on his early investment in him.

How Perry became Hollywood’s highest paid man

Childs also makes the shocking charge that Perry used “risky deals with drug dealers, couriers carrying large bags of cash across the country; backstabbing and double-dealing with corrupt promoters,” plus other illicit means to fund his early work according to the book’s press release.

Childs, who says he has an eye for writing talent, alleges that he helped discover a then unknown Perry. Childs invested in Perry by putting up the money for his production of I Know I’ve Been Changed atAtlanta’s House of Blues — a turning point in the star’s career. Those sold-out shows led to Tyler Perry’s first successful national tour, which were allegedly also made possible through Childs’ money and connections. Childs says he supported the then-struggling star by providing for Perry’s basic living expenses at that time.



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7 responses to “New Book Alleges Tyler Perry’s Success Has Ties To Drug Money

  1. That’s deep. I have to buy the book.zgol

  2. BAP

    Its not how you start; its how you finish! If I were homeless, would I take an offer from a drug dealer? I think i’d have to be homeless to answer!

  3. No plans to buy the book but I am sure God had a plan to raise HIS child to inspire others to never give up and WORK for a living to provide shelter. Who really knows how business deals will turn out when you try to work for a reason to inspire and uplift and RISE ABOVE IT ALL while getting out of your own way!!! Best Wishes to All

  4. So basically you are saying its okay to use drug dealer money. And that is part of god’s plan?

    So WE CAN RISE ABOVE IT ALL by selling crack to our neighbors kids. And here I was a fool obeying the laws of my god. No wonder I’ve work hard on the same job for 25 years and don’t have a mansion.

    • Gina

      well you would know that if you are obeying the laws of God you do have a mansion in heaven waiting for you. I pray I would do the right thing but I have never been young black and homeless so I choose to pray for Tyler Perry as he has over comed great obsticles in his life and how he got there is between him and God.

  5. Greeting and Salutation,

    I find Mr.Perry works scripture base and fills the accomplishments through the Holy Spirit
    Never the less the anointing of His gift is pleasing to God. It is also believed that comes from the heart some how reaches the heart.
    When a man boast of helping of serving others its clear its that which the reward is given.

    A promoter is just that but is usually one of which has established a name in that field
    Its my hope that stepping stones are pleasing to

    God. So many in business have truly been miss lead and taken advantage of.
    Being honest in fair in business from a pure heart to please God is worth working for because God’s plans for our lives are far beyond man expectation.

    • I like many others write & serve others
      Using the tools frpm the Bible.

      Mr.Perry has indeed inspired me to cross refrence in Christian Literature at collegetic
      Levels abroad. I encourage you to read the Holy Bible and be blessed.

      Katrina korner radio
      1240 AM Solid Gospel Music

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