Who’s Got Skills 2 By Tyrenna D. Tolbert

Who was the “Kill and Go” murderer in New York City? The streets are watching and Big Brother is nowhere around.
Patience: Wrong time, wrong place. Riding her Hayabusa through Harlem, New York, she witnessed a possible murder. Will she confess to the police what she saw? Will she tell who she thought committed the murder? Will a confession prove to be fatal?

Chin: Reckless and spiraling out of control. This usually composed and cunning hired assassin found his feelings growing fast and intense for Patience. Prior to Patience, he lived his life without emotional attachments. Now, Patience is becoming a problem. Will he have to eliminate her in order to stay a cold, calculated murderer?

Diamond: Sexy and stunning. She was no stranger to men and brilliant at being a hustler. Her seductive ways won’t assist her to pay back an enormous debt to Skills. Diamond, regretful for her actions, couldn’t fix the problem and may have made things worse. Her most recent phone call may affect the longevity of her life if Skills learns who Diamond was speaking to.

Bella: A charming motorcycle riding undercover cop who was dirty. She has her own agenda and some scores to settle. She has waited a long time for an opportunity to even things out. Don’t let her pretty smile fool you. Her loyalty is to no one.


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