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My Mind’s Eye By Kire Senoj

My Mind’s Eye is a collection of poetic works inspired by what I see, hear, and feel throughout everyday life.

I use words to express the passion and pain of love; the struggles of race; the self-conflicts between sexual orientation and religious freedom; and the ever consistent delirium of genocide within the African American community.

In order to bridge the gap between people of diverse backgrounds, my words have been penned to provoke thought, provide insight, inspire change, and prove that struggles have no respect of person.


Excerpt: Sik MuthaFuka 

It’s sick’nin… Reading a newspaper or turning on the news

afterwards feeling the Miles Davis kind of blues. Everyday

someone is killing their child or molesting a baby. Babies havin babies, Mother’s throwing their babies away; such an awful price 2 pay when WE lay. Damn! Why are things turning out 2B this way? GOD R U Lis’nin 2 the wordz I say? A fellow lyricist wrote “I believe the children are our future, teach them well”…but all we’re doing is sending them 2 a mental hell, holding their mindz, heartz, body and soul hostage in a locked Unpadded cell.

How can a parent kill their child? Sik MuthaFuka! telling the judge it was a build up of stress because your husband left and you feel your life’s a mess? Uuh Uuh Uuh…U Sik MuthaFuka I guess. U killed your child because your husband went bucwild, Gave his time, money and lovin’ 2 anotha chick

You’re a sik demented little witch. I hope hell has a seat waiting while you’re sitting in jail contemplating on what U should do Sik MuthaFuka I’ve had enuff ov U and the so called king of R&B who has a fetish for urine and teenage girls, U know the 1 who says he has the best of both worlds. Sik MuthaFuka got a wife and children ov your own, No longer can U command respect when U step 2 the microphone. Singing your song I believe I can fly Sik MuthaFuka Y U Lie? U don’t see nuthin wrong with a lil bump n’ grind? It is when it fucks with the mind of a girl under developed and underage because U had her lay center stage While U took the time to degrade her body and yourself, Risking your own and her health. Everyone’s bringing the noize because you’re famous and U sing, but didn’t father so-n-so do the Xact same thing? Now the Cardinal wants trust restored into the catholic priests, My GOD when will this madness cease? For centuries, decades, and years little boys have gone home crying so many tears; afraid 2 tell and ashamed 2 say that a sik muthafuka touched them the wrong way. Saying:”U must never tell, or your soul will surely go to hell”. Help me understand; is this apart of GOD’s divine plan?  4 my life? Is filled with much pain and strife. All this has caused major confusion; I don’t know if my life is real or an illusion. 2 much shit 4 a young mans’ mind, 2 much shit 4 a mental rewind. Going back 2 the day when momma asked, R U gay? Where did I go wrong? I didn’t raise U that way! Get the fuck out, and find some other place 2 stay!

(ahahhahahaha)I have 2 laugh 2 keep from crying because inside momma I am surely dying. My mind nor my heart can conceive that it was a sik muthafuka U chose 2 believe instead of ….me…

The 1 U nursed, nourished and carried for 9 months, but later pushed me aside 4 some alcohol, a dick, and some blunts. Your boyfriend took sumthin from me I can never get back, but I was the 1 U choose 2 attack? He stole my purity, my innocence, and my childhood

I was only 10 so I never understood how 1 could or why 1 would do that 2 a child, momma your man is nothing more than a pedophile!

This poem is dedicated to the sik muthafuka’s who have killed or wounded their children sittin in jail awaiting their final sentence 2 Hell. This is a shout out 2 that R&B singer, songwriter and producer who used his lyrics, his voice and his status 2 seduce a slew of little girls robbing them of their virginity and stealing their precious pearls. This goes out 2 every minister; mother’s boyfriend, teacher, and priest living or deceased that have used a little boy for their favorite past time sexual toy. Children are supposed to be handled with care they’re not put here to have so many burdens 2 bare. Children are a gift from GOD above they are to be kissed and embraced only with LOVE; because LOVE is what GOD is all about!

Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH; Kire Senoj discovered his gift for writing while attending Wilberforce University. His writing talent has afforded him the opportunity to present on various platforms throughout the nation and has garnered mass appeal.

His direct and in your face writing about uncomfortable situations such as homophobia, racial prejudice, HIV/AIDS, religion, and the absence of positive role models for youth has been applauded by all that have had the privelage of hearing his writings.

Kire has a desire to share his message with the world and bring light to some very dark situations. He believes that his voice has been created to aid in bringing about change by any means necessary and will not stop until he has witnessed a transformation in the attitude and thought of those he targets. He is passionate about his work and the impact that it can have on a person’s psyche and will continue to ignite flames of change from every microphone he utilizes.

In order to bridge the gap between people of diverse backgrounds, my words have been penned to provoke thought, provide insight, inspire change, and prove that struggles have no respect of person.

Getting to know Kire:

1.  How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since childhood; writing song lyrics and short stories, but I never took writing seriously until 2002 when I was entered into a spoken word class project without my permission by a close friend. Reciting my words, seeing the reaction from the audience and the comments made afterwards pushed me to into for real.


2. What inspires you to write?

 “I’m inspired by GOD, family, LOVE, music, people, places and all things beautiful. Also, by what I see every day outside my window or on the news and what I and others around me go through.”

3. Who are some of your writing influences?

Nikki Giovanni, Langston Hughes, Dianne Warren, Lalah Hathaway, Deana Dean, T.D.Jakes, E. Lynn Harris, Ledisi, Carl Webber, Rahsaan Patterson Jean Toomer and so many others; I love writers who write straight from the heart.”


4. Is My Mind’s Eye vol.1 autobiographically written? 

 “Not entirely. The short stories are purely fiction, but only a few of the poems are about me or involve me.”

5. With the poems about or involving you, was it easy to be so open about yourself and the things you’ve been through?

Well, yes and no. It surely made me think and rethink about revealing myself, my insecurities, failures and some of my weaknesses to the world, but thinking about the reactions and comments I receive after reciting some of my poetry made it an easier task. If I can help anyone with my words then it’s all worth it.

6. What is your goal or objective with this book?

 “My goal and objective is to inspire, motivate, encourage, and provoke thought”

7. What future projects do you have in store and are you working on anything else at the moment?

“Currently I am working on an as of yet untitled novel. The last short story of My Mind’s Eye vol.1 titled One More Chance is the prequel to this upcoming novel. I’m looking to release it the last quarter of 2012 or the first quarter of 2013.

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Abnormal Lives: A Novel By Rae

Simone and Stefan are cousins, who are more like brother and sister, having been raised by their now deceased maternal grandmother. Both of their mothers abandoned them at various ages, leaving them to fend for themselves. Years after their grandmother’s death, the two of them are still residing in her home; sliding under the government’s radar by keeping up the property taxes and hoping that no one will ever notice that she is deceased. In order to make ends meet, they are both prostitutes. Stefan is openly gay and in love with a man named Eugene who is really using him for his money. Simone is living life on the edge and picking up random men who are willing to foot the bill for her special skills. Stefan tries to get Simone to straighten up and fly right, suggesting that they both seek employment at a local bank. While Stefan sees their new positions as a chance for redemption, Simone only views the bank as a way to pick up wealthy men to sleep with for money. After attending a festival in New Orleans, Stefan decides to rip off some drugs from a man he hooked up with; pulling Simone into something that she certainly had not bargained for. Will the two cousins abandon their reckless lifestyle or will their lifestyle lead them both to a tragic end?

Chapter 1

It was ten o’clock on a Friday night. Simone sat inside of the fitness center, entertaining her client, Mason. Mason was the director of the center and usually planned their meetings there after-hours. Simone sat on the edge of the hot tub wearing a pink G-string and Mason stood inside the encircling pool with Simone’s thighs resting on his shoulders.

“My wife saw the present you gave me a few weeks back,” Mason announced proudly, as he walked his fingers up Simone’s thighs.

Simone sighed. It’s not like it’s the first time and it won’t be the last, she thought. “Well, what did she think of it?” Simone tried not to disclose how humored she was by her remark.

“Let’s just say she didn’t like it as much as I did.”

The present Mason referred to was the hickey Simone had placed on the shaft of his penis. That was her trademark. Men from all over the Tri-City area contacted her to see could and would the pretty, petite, wavy-haired, fair-skinned doll baby pucker up her plump pink lips to perform the act that all of their friends and colleagues bragged about.

Once she proved that she could and would, if they were willing to pay her fee for the priceless experience, they became loyal customers that contacted her on a regular basis to have the “O”-shaped bruise on their genitals that they held with the same regards that bikers and gangsters held their tattoos, retouched before it faded away. It had only been three weeks since she had last provided Mason with her services and there he was, standing in front of her waiting to be retouched, among other things.

Simone liked dealing with Mason. She understood what to expect from him. He never showed up drunk or flying off of the handle as a result of hallucinogens. That was behavior she’d tolerated from the petty, low-class criminals she’d started out servicing. They would beat, belittle, and refuse to pay women in her profession after they’d romped around with them on old, pissy mattresses. Simone had paid her dues to earn the status she now held in her profession and refused to deal with that nonsense. That was one of the reasons why most of her clients were upper middle-class whites; the few that were black held the same social status. The other reason for that was they were willing to pay more money. Money that the lower-class troublemakers couldn’t afford to let leave their pockets.

Mason also referred a lot of his friends to Simone, which was good for business. Simone also liked the fact that Mason wasn’t long-winded. She could get it down as fast as she could get it up and when it was over, it was over. Mason didn’t try to stall to keep her around while he tried to have another erection. Her terms of service were, once her client ejaculated while she performed the service he’d requested, her job was done. Some of her clients had her perform one act, some paid for two or three, but after they ejaculated as the result of each service, or lost their erection, whichever came first, she was off the clock. Mason stuck to those terms. Being that Mason wasn’t what she considered to be endowed, after she finished with him, she would still be in adequate condition to service another client before calling it a night.

What Simone didn’t like about Mason was how he never seemed to be able to put an end to his idle chitchat. Her time was more valuable to her than her services were to him. The more time she had, the more money she had the opportunity to make. She didn’t want to be rude. After all, he was a longtime customer. So she sat there in a rut while he rambled on about the weather.

It was times like those that made her wish Stefan had come along. He had a way of nipping things in the bud. Although Mason was a huge fan of anal sex, he wasn’t one of her bisexual clients. She often heard him bash gays that attended the fitness center. He would go out his way to express how sickened he was by them.

Simone thought Mason might have been nervous. They had been together numerous times but, for some reason, he always seemed scared to touch her.

Simone’s legs shivered as a result of Mason’s jitteriness. She looked down at him and sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Mason asked.

“Nothing.” Simone removed her legs from Mason’s shoulders. “Come up here with me.”

Mason lifted himself up on the wall of the hot tub and sat beside Simone. Simone stood up, grabbed Mason’s hands, and pulled him closer to her. She knelt down in front of him and blushed at the sight of semen seeping from his partially erect organ. “You mean to tell me you’ve been in the pool hiding this from me all this time.”

“I wasn’t sure if you were ready for it.”

“Oh, is that right?” Simone drooled on his shaft and gently stroked it with her hand.

Mason stood up and began to slide his dick back and forth in her mouth. “That’s right; get it nice and wet.”

That’s a first, Simone thought. Usually, Mason would lay there lifeless, not uttering a single word while she did all of the work.

Simone slid her hands up Mason’s thighs and onto his hips. She thrust him forward, taking him entirely in her mouth. She could feel Mason’s dick pulsate as she secured it in her mouth and gathered saliva to create a massaging motion.

Mason pressed his lips together and looked up at the ceiling. He hoped Simone wouldn’t notice the ugly faces he was making while she pleased him.

Simone slid her index finger inside Mason’s rectum. His knees became weak and he plopped down on the wall of the hot tub. Simone followed his motion, never releasing her grip. Mason tugged on Simone’s weave and moaned at the top of his lungs as he reached his climax. He squirmed, unable to tolerate the overwhelming sensation he was being subjected to.

Simone stroked his organ with her hand to quicken his release. She almost laughed when Mason stood on the tip of his toes like a ballerina and cried out with pleasure.

“Whoo,” Mason cried out in between a series of pants. He looked back up at the ceiling and ran his fingers through Simone’s hair. “You’ve got my head spinning. If you can do all that with your mouth, I can’t wait to see what the pussy is like.”

Simone was puzzled. For as long as she had serviced Mason, he had never asked for pussy. Ass was his thing. Mason loved the way she slid her hips down on his dick until he fully occupied her anus and rode him like a jockey. He would want it tonight when I’m on my period; just my luck, Simone thought.

She sucked on Mason’s lip as she reached between her legs and freed her tampon into the hot tub. She straddled Mason and pushed herself down on his tool. It wouldn’t be long before he reached his climax. Simone could hear Mason’s breaths quicken as she pressed herself down on his dick harder and harder, lingering for a few seconds so he could feel the softness of her walls. In less than two minutes, Mason clutched Simone in his arms and called on the Lord.

Stefan lay in the bed with his man, Eugene. He threw his arm over Eugene’s chest and kissed him.

“Could you move over?” Eugene asked.

Stefan was fed up with Eugene’s attitude. Eugene had changed since he’d landed a job. When Eugene first came home from prison, things were wonderful. They would make love all night and sleep late into the day. Eugene would beg Stefan to let him take the condom off so he could feel his flesh. But now he didn’t even want Stefan to hold him. It was blatantly apparent that their relationship was only a ploy to help Eugene get on his feet. Now that Eugene had found a job and saved some money, he didn’t need Stefan anymore and he was ready to free himself from their relationship.

Stefan wondered if Eugene modeled the clothes he bought for him for some female when he wasn’t around. Stefan was sure Eugene was having sex with a woman in the apartment he paid the rent for. The thought of Eugene trying to impress some random chick with the things he had purchased for him made Stefan sick to his stomach.

Eugene liked females. Stefan saw the way he looked at them. Not only did he admire their beauty, he wanted to be entangled in it, he wanted a piece for himself. He’d noticed Eugene checking out the curves on his cousin, Simone, when he’d introduced them. He never brought them around one another again. He could not trust Eugene and he realized that Simone was weak.

Stefan attempted to kiss Eugene again.

Eugene pulled the covers over his head. “Come on with that. I’m tired,” he grumbled.

Life is too short for shit like this, Stefan thought. If Eugene was willing to throw away the security that Stefan provided him with over a female, then he could go right ahead. He was sure Eugene would run into some shabby whore that would fool him into believing that she was a lady. She’d be a little girl who had no clue where she was going; only what she wanted from him. She’d convince him that she was high-class when she was extremely high-maintenance. Eugene would exhaust his little savings trying to keep up with her and, when his money was gone, she would be also.

Stefan got out of bed and put on his clothes.

“Where you going?” Eugene asked.


“You’re not gonna fix me nothing to eat before you leave?”


“Come on with that; a nigga’s hungry.”

“You’ve got two hands; fix it yourself,” Stefan said as he opened the bedroom door and made his way down the stairs.

“Don’t forget the rent is due next week!” Eugene yelled.

“And don’t forget you’ve got a job now and you can pay it,” Stefan said as he slammed the front door.

© 2011 Rae

As a child Rae ran across a copy of James Baldwin’s novel Giovanni’s room. It was James Baldwin’s stirring and provocative writing style that fueled her with the passion to write. Rae spent the hours she wasn’t at school or doing household chores writing short stories and poetry.

At age twelve Rae abandoned her pen and pad and became engrossed in the drama of her hood. By age sixteen Rae was a single mother and dropped out of school to raise her newborn child.

Rae spent her twenties hopping from one job to the next, disgusted with the lack of ethics and integrity in her work environments. After resigning from her umpteenth job, receiving the news of her fiancé’s death, and awaiting a criminal trial, after not being in trouble with the law since she was a juvenile, Rae laid back in her bed replaying the events of her life over in her mind.

Feeling like she had no one to turn to, Rae turned back to her pen and pad. She decided no matter what she would accomplish her goal of being an author. But this time her writing wouldn’t include rescues and fairytale endings. She would write about the drama of urban life and incorporate scenarios regarding social and domestic issues that plague urban communities. Soon after Abnormal Lives was born.

Get to Know the Author:

1.      When did you start writing, and did you always envision being an author? I start writing when I was eight years old and I’ll tell you, more than a decade has past and I still enjoy how a story can excite, shock, and expand the minds of readers. I knew I would be an author ever since the day I finished reading Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin. I laid across the bed thinking about how emotive the novel was and that’s when the thought of being an author entered my mind. From that day forward I knew I would be an author I just didn’t know during what phase of my life it would occur.


2.      Where do you get your ideas? Life, that’s where I get my ideas from, things happen in our families, personal lives, and communities every day that we are uncomfortable discussing and those are the topics I like to focus on in my writing.


Are there any particular authors that have influenced your writing? I would have to say James Baldwin and Iceberg Slim. James Baldwin’s stirring and provocative writing style instilled me with the passion to write and Iceberg Slim’s raw unadulterated voice gave me the valor to express myself freely as a writer.


4.      If you had to go back and do it all over, is there any aspect of your novel or getting it published that you would change? As far as my novel goes it was originally written in the first person viewpoint after I finished writing it I read through it and realized the story would read better in third person. I wish I would have realized that from the start but if nothing else it was a learning experience. The only thing I regret doing when I was searching for a publisher is not submitting my work simultaneously instead of  sending a copy of my manuscript to a publisher and waiting six months or more for them to say yay or nay before I submitted my work to another publisher. When you don’t submit your work simultaneously it gets to be a bit daunting.


5.      What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why? I enjoyed writing the scene in chapter twelve when Paris exposed Michael by airing his dirty laundry in front of the police. Michael was a lying conniving dog and I couldn’t wait to write the scene where Paris called him out.


6. Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? I learned that writing a novel takes dedication, not only to your work but to your readers also. When writing a novel you want to produce an enjoyable product without jeopardizing your voice. If you’re constantly going back over your work changing things because you’re worried it will rub someone the wrong way your voice will fail to shine through. When you’re writing be yourself readers will appreciate you for it.


7.      Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers? I’m new to this so the only advice I feel confident giving is, don’t let self-criticism or the criticism of others prevent you from pursuing your dream.

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Jesus Saves Lexi By Wilhelmina Michelle Leonard

Product DetailsThe State of Michigan attempts to kill a retired adult entertainer, as the President and U.S. Federal Government condones it to cover up two politicians involvement in double murders and a 20-year former NFL player sexual pleasure with a minor..

The high-profiled professional entertainer wanted completely out of the adult entertainment business. She turned her life over to the Lord; saved by the Lord Jesus Christ only to find getting out of the business was going to be a BIG problem! It later concludes that she was denied her U.S Constitutional Civil Rights, Freedom of Speech and Religion, where honorable humans in the state try to kill her.

Excerpt: In many circumstances, some people cannot believe truth, but God’s Word is the only truth in this world. This book is a non-fiction recollection of when the State of Michigan attempted to kill me, declared I never existed and hallucinated, for me wanting completely out of the adult entertainment business. This all arose from me getting baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the Holy Ghost, God changing my life and the change of my mindset.

I am about to reveal many of the secrets in the exotic adult world, which the normal society does not know about, which conclusively will lead up to clues to the murder of adult entertainer Tamara Greene. These corruption schemes include governmental civil disobedience, drugs, sex, and money, along with mysteries and pursuits of death to cover up deaths. It has celebrity names and high-profiled politicians, international governments, high-profiled law firms, courts, hospitals, and licensed state physicians who committed perjury to prove there is no one more powerful than God.

I am blessed and proud to write that God loved me when I was an ungodly person.  The Word of God has been taught to me by the honorary pastor (Nellie Bryant) who has been with the Word of God and walking with the Lord Jesus Christ for over 60 years, living in His perfect Will. I pray in faith and hope to better someone else’s life. It is possible for a person to do right in this world, having help from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Excerpt: In many circumstances, some people cannot believe truth, but God’s Word is the only truth in this world. This book is a non-fiction recollection of when the State of Michigan attempted to kill me, declared I never existed and hallucinated, for me wanting completely out of the adult entertainment business. This all arose from me getting baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the Holy Ghost, God changing my life and the change of my mindset.

I am about to reveal many of the secrets in the exotic adult world, which the normal society does not know about, which conclusively will lead up to clues to the murder of adult entertainer Tamara Greene. These corruption schemes include governmental civil disobedience, drugs, sex, and money, along with mysteries and pursuits of death to cover up deaths. It has celebrity names and high-profiled politicians, international governments, high-profiled law firms, courts, hospitals, and licensed state physicians who committed perjury to prove there is no one more powerful than God.

I am blessed and proud to write that God loved me when I was an ungodly person.  The Word of God has been taught to me by the honorary pastor (Nellie Bryant) who has been with the Word of God and walking with the Lord Jesus Christ for over 60 years, living in His perfect Will. I pray in faith and hope to better someone else’s life. It is possible for a person to do right in this world, having help from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Wilhelmina Michelle Leonard was born in Detroit, Michigan. She was the second highest paid adult entertainer in the State of Michigan. She has professionally entertained for 11½ years and walked away from two contracts in Canada, one for $5,000 and another for $3,500 a week.

Wilhelmina has attended Oakland Community College, Wayne State University and Marygrove College. Her activities are to study the Holy Bible (KJV), pray, read, attend church, swim, scuba dive, jog, roller blade, travel, and fine dining. Watching the History Channel and Court TV is her preference. Enduring many life escapades, she wants to continue to travel all over the world and receive as many passport stamps as possible. She loves children, but does not have any. Wilhelmina is usually relaxed being by herself in peace and to carefully think?

In the near future, she plans to learn how to snowboard and maybe publish more books. Her goals are to complete her Bachelors in Forensic Science with a minor in history and to obtain a Ph.D in Apostolic Theology. She also wants to help many people overcome obstacles that seem to be impossible. Wilhelmina loves to witness to people about the Lord Jesus Christ. She loves God with all her heart, mind and soul, and will not take it back! The Lord has been so good to Wilhelmina Michelle Leonard!


Get to Know the Author:

What inspired me to write “Jesus Saves Lexi If He Can Save Me, He Can Save You!”?

The eternal love of God inspired me to write the non-fiction book. God and the Lord Jesus loves us all so much despite our dirty, filthy, unclean rags, and wrong doings knowing we are all unworthy. God loves all of His children.

What topics are controversial in the book?

There are many of topics controversial in the book. Some controversy could evoke from the context being too graphic and explicit, and the book including actual real names, dates and times ect. The book is very detailed with a lot of hidden dark information being brought to the light and perhaps is politically incorrect.

Do I have any future projects?

Yes, I have many ideas for future projects. I will only ask for guidance from the Lord to continue directing my steps for any and all future projects.

How do I feel about speaking engagements?

I am open to speaking engagements. I prefer not to speak or to speak less as possible. I enjoy learning and observing only speaking when necessary.

Have I decided to write another book and if so, what would it pertain?

I have not decided if I were to write and publish another book. If so, the book would be the sequence part 2 or volume 2 of “Jesus Saves Lexi If He Can Save Me, He Can Save You!  The name could be slightly different, but I am not certain what my next decisions will be?

Do I regret the truthful information written in the book?


How would the book affect my life?

With the professional marketing, publicity, and God’s deliverance to justice, freedom, ect., hopefully will have an life changing effect on my life from the book!

I have been evilly and brutally confined, over medicated for my death, attacked, ridiculed, disrespected, persecuted, tormented, humiliated, homeless, without a vehicle, and without sufficient currency ect, long enough in faith from retiring from the adult entertainment business and being saved by the Lord Jesus Christ!

In desperate occurrences and when there is no one in the world that will help you, 100% in faith, believe, trust, and lean on God!


Find the Author:


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One Blood By Qwantu Amaru

Qwantu Amaru has been writing since the age of 11. An avid reader, he has always aspired to write suspenseful page turners and socially significant literature like those of his writing influences Richard Wright, Anne Rice, Harper Lee, Walter Mosley, Tananarive Due and Stephen King. Qwantu draws his inspiration from his modest upbringing in small towns and cities across the US. In addition to his first novel, ONE BLOOD, Qwantu has published six volumes of poetry. Qwantu is an active member of the outstanding socially active poetry collective Black on Black Rhyme out of Tallahassee, FL. He has performed spoken word in poetry venues from coast to coast. He is also part owner and one third of The Pantheon Collective, an independent publishing venture dedicated to bringing high quality independent books to the masses while empowering and inspiring other authors to follow their dreams. For more information visit his website, follow him on twitter @onebloodbook, join his fanpage:, or e-mail him at Qwantu currently resides in Jersey City, NJ.

Author Interview – Qwantu Amaru

Q1) How did you come up with this idea?

I was originally trying to write a short story but it just kept growing and growing until before I knew it I had a 160,000-word novel on my hands! I knew that I wanted to write a story about my neighborhood in Lake Charles, LA where I grew up and I knew that I wanted to address the interesting racial dynamics I experienced living in Louisiana which was a stark difference to what I had previously experienced in Charleston, WV and Pittsburgh, PA where I was born. I wanted to write something that was different than anything I’d ever read but would not be so different that people couldn’t get into it.

Q2) Please tell us about your current release.

One Blood is my debut novel, a story 12 years in the making. It is a supernatural thriller, set in and throughout Louisiana in the vein of books by Anne Rice, Tananarive Due, and Stephen King. The novel is pretty epic in scope, spanning 200 years of history from 1802-2002. It’s a page-turning rollercoaster that will make you think as much as it makes you jump! One Blood is a character-driven tale that involves a group of diverse characters, all tied together through hidden connections and their mutual torment by a Voodoo curse.

Q3) What inspired you to write this book?

I think debut novels are always written in an effort to understand one’s one life and self, but the catalyst was the combination of a creative writing assignment and a powerful memory of meeting former politician and KKK Grand Wizard David Duke when I was

attending high school in Lake Charles, LA. Novels I’d read by Anne Rice, Stephen King, Richard Wright, Harper Lee, Toni Morrison, Wilbur Smith, and Tananarive Due also inspired me.

Q4) One Blood has quite an extensive cast…how did you come up with the characters?

I didn’t set out to write a novel with a large cast, but as I got deeper into the tale, characters began appearing and developing on the page. In my first draft many of the characters were mere shadows and bad stereotypes. As I revised, I went very deep into

each person’s psyche and came up with the idea to give each character a dual personality that would come out in the course of the story. Some of the characters (like Lincoln, Randy, and Brandon) ended up being composites of people I’ve met in my life, others (like Panama X, Coral Lafitte, and Jhonnette Deveaux) just came out of necessity to balance the story and create the appropriate amount of drama, suspense, and tension.

Q5) How much research did you have to do for this book?

Since a large part of the book takes place in The Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, I had to become very familiar with this prison which I did by reading different prisoner’s accounts, watching documentaries, and interviewing prison officials. Vodun is also a central element in the story so I had to do extensive research on the religion because I wanted to portray Vodun as accurately as possible and not do some bad Hollywood rendition.

Q6) Without giving away the ending, will there be a sequel to One Blood?

I have a desire to write the book the way I should have done it in the first place. That is to say, there are actually 3 full-length novels that form the back story for the events in One Blood, so I definitely am interested in telling those stories. As for a sequel, I don’t think there will be one, but I am planning several spin-off books with some of the surviving characters!

Q7) What exciting story are you working on next?

My 2nd novel can best be described as The Kite Runner meets The DaVinci Code! It is tentatively titled, The Uneasy Sleep of Giants and deals with a son trying to avenge the untimely death of his father, a chemist who may have cured Cancer and been killed for it.

1804. Luc Lafitte, pirate turned founding father, lynches a slave – Isaac, who impregnated his daughter, Melinda. Isaac is Luc’s illegitimate son. Before hanging to his death, Isaac curses his father and all future generations of Lafitte’s who live on their forbearer’s land. Three days after Isaac’s death, Luc Lafitte kills himself at the base of the same tree where Isaac was hung. 1963. Randy Lafitte seeks out a fortune teller on his eighteenth birthday in an effort to resurrect the family curse. Seventy-two hours later Randy’s father is dead. 1973. Randy is serendipitously elected Mayor, after the state’s first black Mayor is apparently assassinated by his wife, Juanita, who escapes and is never apprehended. 1992. Randy’s only son, Kristopher, is gunned down in the middle of gang crossfire, three days after his eighteenth birthday killed at the hands of his only black friend – Lincoln Baker. 2002. Randy, now Governor of Louisiana in his second term, learns his daughter, Karen, has been kidnapped on her eighteenth birthday. The ransom calls for the full pardon of Lincoln Baker. Three days after Karen’s kidnapping, an explosive cocktail of vengeance, manipulation, serendipity, fate, truth, and redemption detonates throughout Louisiana. Randy will stop at nothing to save his daughter and himself, even if it means admitting the curse is real. Even if it means committing greater atrocities. But looks are deceiving. There is something deeper at work here. When the dust settles, the ending is as unexpected as it is illuminating. ONE BLOOD is a story about the power of suggestion and the beliefs that shape our lives. There are secrets sealed in our blood, you see. The best answers, as always, lie within.


1963 New Orleans, LA During the day, New Orleans’ most famous neighborhood was a tribute to architectural and cultural homogeneity. At night, the French Quarter’s multicultural legacy blurred into an unrecognizable labyrinth; especially in the eyes of the drunk and desperate. At the moment, Joseph Lafitte was both. Joseph careened down the dark alley and absentmindedly brushed at the dried blood beneath his nose with his free hand. His tailor-made shirt and pants were drenched with sweat and felt sizes smaller. He was overcome with the sensation that he was running in place, even though he was moving forward at a brisk pace. Because he was paying more attention to what was behind him rather than what was in front of him, Joseph tripped over a carton some careless individual had placed in his path. Upon impact with the concrete his cheek flayed open, but he barely felt the sting as his priceless nickel and gold plated antique Colt Navy Revolver clattered away into the darkness, out of reach. Even now, breathing as harshly as he was, he could hear someone behind him. Somehow they managed to stay just out of the range of his sight, but within earshot. It was the ideal moment for them to pounce, but Joseph would not give in so easily. He pushed himself to his feet, his eyes like twin brooms sweeping the ground for his weapon. He located it near a dilapidated doorway. Clutching it once again, he felt some semblance of self-control return. Until his dead wife called his name. “Joseph? Joseph, where are you?” That was all the motivation he needed. He broke into a full gallop but couldn’t outrun what he’d seen back at the hotel, or what he’d just heard. They are toying with me. Trying to make me doubt my own mind. This was New Orleans after all. A place with a well-documented history of trickery and alchemic manipulation. He must have drank or eaten something laced with some devilish hallucinogen. For all he knew, his own son—Randy—had given it to him. Randy still blamed Joseph for the car wreck that took his mother’s life. Joseph had noted the murderous hue in Randy’s eyes after Rita’s funeral, and even though Joseph explained that it was an accident, he knew Randy would never forgive him. Was this Randy trying to get some sort of revenge? It didn’t matter. Randy was weak—always had been and always would be. As an only child, he grew up to be softer than cotton—Rita’s doing by babying and spoiling the boy. Have I underestimated my son? This thought, along with his first glimpse of light in quite some time, simultaneously assaulted him. Where am I? And why haven’t they caught up to me yet? Maybe they want me to go this way. Joseph glanced down at the revolver that had once been carried by the great Robert E. Lee. He’d show them who had the upper hand; if Randy was behind this, he would soon be joining his mother. Rather than heading toward the light, Joseph turned left down another dark alleyway. The façade of the building was damp to the touch. Other than his troubled footfalls, there was no sound. Who knew a city nearly bursting at the seams with music could be this eerily silent? Joseph used the quiet to collect his thoughts. * * * * * He’d spent that afternoon as he spent most Saturdays, sipping bourbon and talking shop with other New Orleans power brokers inside the private room in Commander’s Palace. He knew something was wrong as soon as Randy appeared at the doorway, motioning to him. “We have to leave New Orleans right now, Father,” Randy said in a hushed tone as Joseph entered the hallway. “What are you talking about, Boy, and why are you whispering?” Joseph replied, a little louder than he needed to. Randy jerked Joseph’s arm in the direction of the exit, his eyes pleading. “Something bad is going to happen if we don’t leave here right away.” “No, Son,” Joseph said. “Something bad is going to happen if you don’t remove yourself from my sight this instant!” And that had been the end of it. Randy left, looking back only once, as if to say, Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you. Joseph returned to his drinks and colleagues. Afterward, he went downtown for a little afternoon rendezvous with a beautiful Creole whore. She came as a recommendation from his regular mistress, Claudette, who was on her cycle, and the girl certainly fit the bill. He made it back to the hotel just as the sun set and settled down for a drink or three after taking a steaming hot shower. In the comfort of his armchair, in the privacy of his suite, his thoughts returned to Randy. It was Randy’s eighteenth birthday and the boy had been acting oddly ever since he’d arrived in New Orleans two days earlier. In truth, he’d been acting strangely much longer than that. Joseph would never forget the revulsion he’d experienced when the maid in their Lake City mansion had shown him the pile of bloody rags at the bottom of Randy’s hamper. That disgust tripled once he found out the source of the blood. One night, Joseph waited until Randy exited the bath. The raw pink and black slashes across Randy’s forearms, thighs, chest, and abdomen were all the evidence he needed. Apparently Randy had taken to cutting himself in the wake of his mother’s death. Randy was barely a teenager and there was only one thing Joseph could think to do to keep from locking the boy up in a sanitarium. He sent him away to a French boarding school and commissioned some distant relatives to keep an eye on him until he graduated. If he survived that long. * * * * * This weekend was supposed to be a celebration of sorts. Randy had returned from France a distinguished young man, and Joseph was ready to bury the hatchet. But what if Randy doesn’t want it buried? What if he wants my entombment and has been patiently waiting all these years to get his revenge? Joseph grabbed hold of a lamppost to steady himself. A statue of a man on a horse loomed over him. His feet had brought him to Jackson Square. Surely, nothing bad can get me here, right? He’d believed the same to be true of his hotel room and that had definitely proven to be false. * * * * * Joseph had been cleaning his prized revolver before sleep overtook him. The sound of the door opening brought him back to consciousness. Even though all the lights were still on, his bleary eyes could barely make out the two figures—a young black male and white female—standing in his doorway. Joseph sat up in his seat. “Who are you? And what the hell are you doing in my room?” His hand quickly found the revolver on the table next to him. The man and woman looked at each other and Joseph heard a deep male voice in his head say, “Don’t worry, Joseph. It will be ova’ soon.” He felt the voice’s vibrations in his teeth and jumped to his feet. The young woman reached out to him and he heard her voice in his mind as well. “Don’t fight us, Joseph. It is so much better if you don’t resist.” Joseph felt wetness below his nose and when his hand came up blood red, he bolted around the woman, out of his room, and out of the hotel. * * * * * Now he stood in the shadow of Andrew Jackson’s immortal statue, exhausted and nearing the end of rationality. A sudden thought occurred to him. Maybe this is all a nightmare. Maybe I’m still sitting in my chair snoring. He latched onto the idea. Hadn’t he heard recently that the best way to wake from a nightmare was to kill yourself? Where did I hear that? Ah yes, now he remembered. The Creole whore had mentioned her grandmother’s secret to waking from a bad dream. What an odd coincidence… Joseph stared down at the revolver as if it were some magic talisman. If this were a dream, it was the most vivid of his life. He could feel the breeze from the Mississippi River, the cold bronze of the statue beneath his hand, his sweaty palm wrapped around the hilt of the gun. And he could hear footsteps nearing. Rita’s voice rang out across the square. “Joseph, I’m here to bring you home.” His mind showed him an image of what Rita must look like after six years underground. He hadn’t cried at her funeral, but petrified tears streaked down his face as he gritted his teeth. I have to wake from this dream! The footsteps were getting louder and closer. He didn’t have much time. To offset his fear and still his shaking hand, he thought of how good it would feel to wake up from this nightmare. He put the gun in his mouth, tasting the salty metallic flavor of the barrel as his mouth filled with saliva. God, this feels real. But he knew it wasn’t. He attempted to gaze at the statue of Andrew Jackson riding high on his horse. The statue was gone. As was the rest of Jackson Square. It had been supplanted by that damnable live oak tree in front of his Lake City mansion. He should have chopped that thing down long ago. Joseph let out an audible sigh of relief. It is a dream after all. “It’s time, Joseph,” Rita whispered in his ear. Knowing what had to be done, Joseph squeezed the trigger.

Find the Author: @onebloodbook


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A Defining Moment By Patricia Duncan

A Defining Moment is a 9×10 coffee table book that contains a collection of never before seen color photographs and historic speeches that provides an introspective look at the first African American President of the United States. Take another look at the events that led to a time in American History that will come to be known as A Defining Moment.

Get to Know Patricia:

1.What did then Senator Barack Obama say about health care in America on February 7, 2007?

“Let’s be the generation that finally tackles our health care crisis. We can control cost by focusing on prevention, by providing better treatment to the chronically ill, and using technology to cut the bureaucracy. Let’s be the one generation that says right here, right now that we will have universal health care in America by the end of the next president’s first term.”

 2. How has the President kept us safe and the country strong during his presidency?

What was his vision as the presumptive Democratic nominee on June 3, 2008?

Change is realizing that meeting today’s threats requires not just our fire power, but the power of our diplomacy – tough direct diplomacy where the President of the US isn’t afraid to let any dictator know where America stands and what we stand for.  The Obama administration has consistently kept the lines of communication open with world leaders.  He and his Cabinet travel frequently throughout the United States and the rest of the world.  Key members of Al Qaeda have been eliminated and several non-democratic nations have toppled under his watch.

3. Ted Kennedy made a prediction that Barack Obama would make changes, but how did he?

Ted Kennedy: “For me, this is a season of hope. New hope for a just and fair prosperity for the many and not just the few.

  • Increased minority access to capital
  • Established a credit card bill of rights preventing credit card companies from imposing arbitrary/rate increases on customers
  • Helped to get passage of a health care bill
  • Advocates the elimination of an unfair tax burden on the backs of the poor and middle class.

4. How does the First Lady and the President feel about military families?

The military families that say grace each night with an empty seat at the table, the servicemen and women who love this country so much, they leave those they love most to defend it.

That’s why he is running to end the war in Iraq responsibly, to build an economy that lifts every family, to make health care available for every American child and make sure every child in this nation gets a world class education all the way from pre-school to college.

Recently, President Obama announced the withdrawal of troops in Iraq by the end of the year which was a campaign promise that he made.  In addition, Mrs. Obama has devoted a significant amount of her time working with military families.

What inspired you to put this book together?

My sister was the first African American secretary of state in Colorado, and she faced many obstacles. So, there was a correlation to Barack Obama and her for me. More importantly, when I saw people’s reaction to him — the excitement, the tears, the admiration — I thought about all the photos I had of him beginning in 2006, through a complete coverage of the Democratic National Convention. I thought, “Why not do a book?”


What makes this book relevant?

It is relevant right now because you can go back and read President Obama’s speeches, and you can reflect on everything he said during the campaign to see if he has done what he said he would do, and he has. He has actually accomplished 101 items that he stated he would tackle during his campaign, including killing Osama Bin Laden This book is perfect for right now because it sets up his platform for 2012.


What message do you want people to get from the book?

I want people to be able to be a part of Barack Obama’s presidential journey when they look at this book. It’s a journey that all presidents must go through. This one happens to be the first African American president. A Defining Moment depicts a new chapter in American History and

you have that history in your hands.

Patricia (Pat)Duncan was born and raised inDenver,Coloradoand impresses everyone with her passion and commitment to her dreams.

Her first dream to be fulfilled was being a flight attendant with Braniff International Airways, for six wonderful years. After Braniff closed their gates in 1982,Duncanembarked  on several careers including working with professional sport teams and Federal Express for 14 years.

In 2001, she formed her own event planning company IJABA, which means” A Wish Fulfilled”. She serves as Chief Executive Officer and President. Once again she developed another passion, photography. After purchasing a digital camera and photographing several events, Duncanrealized she had the talent to be a photographer. She left the ranks of being an amateur to becoming a professional freelance photographer. She is one of the contributing photographers for the Denver Weekly Newspaper and the Urban League of Metropolitan Denver.

Duncanrealizes following and achieving her dreams can be daunting tasks, so she embraces the words of her deceased sister, the honorableVikkiBuckley,Colorado’s first African American Secretary of State. “You have a dream and a goal, you must go after it! Stay focused; accept the good with the bad. You may get knocked back two steps before you can take one step forward, but don’t quit. If you work hard and keep God first in your life, you will persevere”.

Duncanis the proud mother of two adult daughters and resides inDenverwith her husband Kevin, a captain with the Denver Fire Department.

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Rededication By Armond E. Mosley

One of the biggest Achilles’ heels that hamper the Christian walk for men and women is that of sexual sin.  Sex and all things considered sexual plague us from the time we’re old enough to have a crush on someone.  Though innocent at first, if not tamed, our sexual urges have the ability to fully manifest themselves in ways that are detrimental spiritually, emotionally and most identifiably physically.

Rededication takes us on that all too familiar journey that many of us have traveled.  Beginning with the “first time”, Armond Mosley shares with the reader some his most intimate moments while providing insight into the vexing reality that faith and sexuality create for a man.  As he wrestles with stereotypes, stigmas and misplaced expectations, Armond eventually comes to a point of decision as a result of God’s divine intervention.  With somewhat of an ultimatum in hand, he chooses to yield to the Lord and commit to a life of celibacy until marriage.  While it would appear that things would get easier from there, in actuality his journey had really just begun.  For the remainder of the book, Armond invites us into his personal journey as a celibate man in his 20’s, the sexual prime of his life.  Though many discouraging moments along the way, Armond continues to faithfully press through until one day, he’s just about had enough.  And in that moment, in a most hopeless and vulnerable state, God shines a light on him and reveals to him “a woman of noble character, whose worth is far greater than rubies”.

Rededication is passionate, humorous and most of all honest about the realities of the battle between faith and sexuality.  Armond reveals himself in a most authentic manner in an effort to really connect with the reader.  In each chapter, while the story is about Armond’s journey, the reader will be remiss if they aren’t convicted to recall their own relevant personal testimony.  If you are a Christian, fighting against sexual sin yourself, this book will take you on a journey of restoration that you can apply in your own life.

Armond E. Mosley is the founder of Kingdom Workshops, LLC, a Christian-based organization focused on educating, motivating and activating individuals to fulfill their God-given purpose(s) in life.  Through Kingdom Workshops, Armond has had the opportunity to work with many churches, universities and civic organizations to provide solutions to the issues facing their respective constituencies.  Utilizing candor, transparency and humor, Armond challenges workshop attendees to yield to the voice of God in their own lives to secure the joy that has been promised to them.  Some of the signature workshop offerings are:  Finding Your Passion, Biblical Entrepreneurship and Dating God’s Way.

Born in Huntsville, AL, Armond now resides in Norristown, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia) with his wife Nneka.  Currently, Armond is active promoting his first book publication entitled, Rededication: A Story of Sex, Repentance and Restoration, which will was released in May.  In his spare time, Armond enjoys reading, watching sports (though he admits he doesn’t have a favorite team) and spending time with family and friends.  For more information on Kingdom Workshops, visit  For more information on Rededication, please visit

Get to Know the Author:

1.      What is Rededication about?

 Rededication is an honest account of one man’s struggle with faith and sexuality.  Most who’ve grown up in the church have been in positions where what the Bible says and what the world says contradict one another.  This reality has the potential to cause much anxiety and strife for a Christian seeking to live God’s way.  If we’re honest about it, the church typically avoids the issue of fornication aside from admonishing it when evidenced by pregnancy or shacking up.  It’s easy to deal with the outcomes or consequences of sexual impurity, but rarely do we deal with the origins in a preventative manner.  Rededication takes an introspective look into my past and delves into the deeper motivations behind my desire to turn away from God and do things my way.  Additionally, it walks the reader through my moment of sincere repentance and ultimately, my road to restoration. 

 2.      Why did you write Rededication?

 As I went through my journey of rededication and began to diligently seek out help to aide me in my efforts to become sexually pure, I realized that there wasn’t much content available from a male perspective (especially black).  I looked and looked and what I found most common were books written by women or white males.  Nothing against those authors and one in particular did help me, but I was looking to affirm my journey through the story of someone who looked like me.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find much that I could relate to and so, as I began my journey God made it clear that I was to keep note of my own trials and tribulations as one day I would create the very content that I had longed for.  So, I wrote it 1st out of obedience to God and 2nd to fill a gap that I believed (and still do) existed in the market for books on sexual purity written by black men.

 3.      What makes Rededication unique from other books that speak to celibacy/abstinence?

 Of the books that exist that deal with the issue of celibacy/abstinence, most in my opinion are told from an existential viewpoint and seem to shield the author’s own indiscretions along the way.  Rededication is transparent, authentic and personal.  No punches are pulled and no stone is left unturned.  Why?  Because it wasn’t my story to keep to myself!  God made it clear to me that I had to tell the WHOLE story…not just the parts that I was comfortable with.  And so, I believe what you get with Rededication is a real account of a real person dealing with a real issue that many face everyday.

  4.      Do you think your message of celibacy until marriage is relevant in today’s society?

 Absolutely!  Society would have us believe that it’s a lost cause and that serial monogamy is the best that we can hope for.  However, I think the number of “kids raising kids,” STDs and divorces in our country (especially within the black community) point to a more pervasive issue at hand.   That said, I think if you bring this question under the context of the Christian faith, it becomes even more interesting.  Part of the irony of my story is that while I was engaging in premarital sex, I was also proclaiming Christianity.  So, I lived much of my young adult life in a “spiritually inconsistent” manner.   So much so, that when I did rededicate my life to Christ, many who knew me pre-rededication would make comments like “Oh, you found Jesus, huh?” or “You’re on that church kick now?”  This was a very shameful period for me because I had always known who He was…but obviously, my actions didn’t show it.

I say all of that to say, in writing Rededication I didn’t set out to convert the non-believer as a primary objective.  I wrote it to speak to the hearts of the professing Christians who have found themselves in a “spiritually inconsistent” state and are looking for a way out…a window of opportunity for their own rededication to Christ.  So, for this group, those who’ve felt the conviction  (whether they acknowledge it or not) associated with being outside of the will of God, I feel that the message of celibacy until marriage is very relevant.

 5.      How have readers responded thus far to Rededication?

 I praise God that readers have found the content within Rededication to be beneficial to them in their lives.  This journey has really been a faith walk and I can’t say that I had any enormous expectations around reader response to start off with.  That said, I’ve been blessed tremendously by their feedback.  One in particular is the following:

After I put this book down, the levees broke…the flood gates opened and all the issues of my past paraded through. I finally began to understand the sinful appetite I myself had conjured up as a result of my own struggles with carnality. Fortunately, there’s one thing that this book ultimately helped me realize…that God is and always will be in control. In the book Rededication, Mr. Mosley vividly recounts his struggles with sexual immorality as it relates to premarital sex. Even as he took the road less traveled (celibacy), he pulls the veil that so many Christians dare not to reveal as they take the “walk”: that you slip up, you have doubts, you may even become disappointed in God, and you can start all over again. I appreciated his rawness, his desire to tell it like it is and through his faithfulness, demonstrate how God orders our steps. I hope that this isn’t the end for Mr. Mosley’s writing career…that there are more books to come and guide us on a journey towards rededication! FYI – I took the pledge and rededicated my life to Christ. Thanks Armond Mosley.”

6.      What are the major themes in Rededication?

 I’d say there are probably four major themes within Rededication.  The first would be Rebellion.  Much of the first few chapters depict my adolescent and early adult years where I fought to find a sense of self.  In this fight, I subconsciously (or consciously) bucked all teachings instilled by my parents and upbringing in church.  The second theme is that of Repentance.  I knew what I was supposed to do for much of my adult life and yet, I didn’t do it.  And it wasn’t until I arrived in a most humbled state that I was able to see the “error in my ways.”  As I recognized where I had erred, I realized that I needed to repent because the life I was living was not the life that God intended for me.  The third theme would be that of Forgiveness.  Regardless of all the “bad” things I did, God still forgave me.  No matter how hard I tried to ignore Him or be mad at Him at times for not giving me what I wanted, God still remained God and in the end, welcomed me with open arms as I sought His forgiveness.  The fourth theme would be Restoration.  In the end, God restored me to a better place than that which I had begun.  The process of becoming celibate and wholly submitted to God caused me to lose some people and things.  And because of that, there was some grieving that I experienced for their loss.  But, at the conclusion of the journey, God filled ALL the vacancies left behind.

 7.      What is the one thing that you would want our readers to know about you?

The one thing I’d want your readers to know is that I’m not perfect.  I’m just as flawed as the next man/woman.  Rededication clearly shows that and I want the readers to know that just because you aren’t perfect does not mean that you are unworthy of God’s love.  If that were the condition of His love, none of us would ever receive it.  At the end of the day, though we’ll never be perfect, our goal in life is to strive for perfection as taught through the Word of God.  Thank you for taking the time to read and may God bless and keep you is my prayer.

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Rewritten Lives By J. Elliot Howard

From a poet-author who is deep in thoughts, sentiments, and experiences comes an emotive and endearing collection of poems that speaks of a myriad of themes and topics.  J. Elliot Howard has Rewritten Lives to share the lessons, dreams, hopes, and longings to others who are willing to listen.
In this poetry anthology, Howard unleashes his profound emotions through poetic verses.  With the ebb and flow of his words, readers will feel the depths of his psyche and the nadir of his heart.  Penning down these pieces, he conveys the unfathomable zenith of his feelings that range from memories, yearnings, conversations, saying goodbye, moving on, life sessions, new beginnings, reminiscences, dark moments, and more.
These poems are Howard’s expressions of what he observes, feels, understands, and accepts of life and love.  They are reminders of years gone by, the people that were, and the sentiments once felt.  This potpourri of lines varies from subject to subject and from one theme to the next, but they all speak of the beautiful colors of life. 
In “My Turn Now,” he says, “With each turn of the page of life, through graduation and having a wife tears of joy burn down my cheeks as you have held my hand.” In “Lessons,” he writes, “Our moments are like the sand on the beach. Crystals of memories within reach that in my time of need have formed the rock to meet my every care.”  In “The Final Moment,” he ponders, “Life has its seasons, each season has its moments, and with these moments there are perfect times.”  In “A New Beginning,” he shares, “A newness of life, the coming of a fresh start.  Maybe a needed difference a need for change.”  These and more poignant words are sure to welcome readers as they leaf through the pages of Rewritten Lives.
Poetry book excerpts:
I have approached you real,
With the truth, no less, I have approached you correct.
But a question still remains,
Not from me but from you.
It is of interest with me what your intentions are,
Because sometimes your mind has the appearance of being afar.
I told you I loved you from the bottom of my heart.
Your actions say those feelings you also share,
But your mouth is saying words that keep people unaware.
Either way it does not matter because in time I will not be there.
It is unwise to go after a love that I cannot win,  Because of your indecision one can see you are not genuine
No More Reminiscing
I remember when we used to talk
daily in your life.
you would inquire of advice
that would help you in your constant walk.
I knew you and you knew me,
I was in you and you were in me,
and even the slightest care
you gave to me.
I took your cares and did not think twice.
the road of victory, together we traveled.
helping those along the way
I helped and watched you grow.
sharing, in those days with you
great and unsearchable things unknown.
however the present has become past,
and the past has become history.
after walking in unceasing victory
you turned.
breaking my heart, away you walked,
and with a boastful mouth you basked
in what you felt was your own glory.
for you, my heart will grieve,
but it is you who are in harm.
in the deadly vice of a world
that would sooner let you die
for a sign of weakness,
than have love for you to give.
no more reminiscing of the past
I see your pain,
and if you turn from the world
I will take you back with a love that will last.
unconditional love which will remove your sorrow
and give you a new life.
though time may have passed
you are not out of the running.
I will redeem the time
if you just ask.
we will again walk in victory,
and together, no more
will we reminisce.
About the Author: 
Jerry Elliot Howard was born in Findlay, Ohio.  At the age of sixteen, his family moved to Sugar Land, TX.  Shortly after moving, he began to write.  No matter where he went, his writing followed.  He wrote while attending University Of Houston, transferring and graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, graduate school at Bowling Green State University, marriage, fatherhood, and all points in between.  Poetry is his snapshot in time because words mean more than pictures to him.  They allow him to look, remember, and truly embrace each new experience.  He loves the city of Houston.  Writing has enabled him to express himself thoroughly and creatively.  Life is more than “happy love.”  At times, he has had to say good-bye.  Sometimes, he has had to give chase.  In other situations, he has had to sit still.  Nevertheless, in all of the places he has lived, and moments he has experienced, all are worthwhile. 
Find the author:


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